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A little tutorial goes a long way

Posted on Feb 8, 2010 by in Uncategorized |

So I have finally joined the struggling artists of Cape Town as a baby designer trying to find his way in this awesome town. I started an internship at  a small start-up company called Personera right in the middle of Cape Town’s city bowel. Visit their website here to see what they’re all about. I’ve been doing the 9-5 thing like the good little farm boy that I am, always arriving on time and never (well not yet) staying longer than what I’m getting paid for.

I have already learned a lot. The senior designer here at Personera is an absolutely delightful girl and we work together pretty damn awesomely. She showed me some cool sites where I can find tutorials to further my photoshop skills. I actually thought my photoshop skills are fine, but apparently there’s a whole new world that I wasn’t aware of. I did a few tutorials and then applied what  I learned on some old illustrations of mine. Here is the result:
Cool huh? I know I went a little crazy with all the different elements but I was like a teenager who just discovered masturbation so I really tried out anything and everything I learned. What is your experience with tutorials? Do they help and how should I apply them?

Anyway, I also did some real work which will hopefully be visible on our site real soon. Be sure to get a post about that! That’s all for now.

Ciao =D

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