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Cape Town’s Drought Crisis Communication

Posted on Mar 19, 2020 by in Publication Design |

This publication highlights how the City of Cape Town communicated with its residents and other stakeholders during the drought crisis.

The publication is packaged in a see-through outer-sleeve filled with a small amount of water to achieve a special effect on the cover. It also comes with a water drop USB containing a PDF of the publication.

In 2018, Cape Town came close to running out of water – a situation no other city in the world had faced. A drought with three consecutive years of record-breaking low rainfall, the lowest in recorded history, had left the dams that supply the city and surrounds at less than 20% full. If the drought continued and water consumption remained at the level of the day, Cape Town’s taps would have run dry. If water consumption remained at the level of the day, the City would have been forced to shut off water to the majority of the city and create water collection points to preserve the remaining water before winter 2018.

View the full version of the publication.

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