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Cape Town’s Old Granary book design

Posted on Oct 28, 2019 by in Publication Design |

This publication aims to record the story of the Granary building and its restoration, and to provide a chronicle of the events leading up to the fully restored complex. It also acknowledges the dedication of everyone who worked on the project, especially the men and women whose hands made this project a reality.

This book includes historical maps and pictures of the building, as well as various stages of the restoration. It is important to note that the City’s restoration work did not plaster over our often painful history; art restorers, historians and architects retained salvable structures, markings and features within and surrounding the building.

This publication was originally created as a coffee table gift from the City to foreign delegates and alike. However, there are now plans to have it circulated as an important historical snapshot; something that could be of interest to both residents and visitors of Cape Town. It is important to preserve the Granary’s heritage and to tell the stories of all those who crossed its doorways.

The following entities and individuals collaborated on this book:

  • City of Cape Town Communication Department
  • City of Cape Town Environment and Heritage Department
  • City of Cape Town Property Management Department
  • GAPP Architects and Urban Designers
  • Jan Corewijn Associates
  • Bettina Elten (art restorer)
  • Frieda le Roux (journalist)
  • William (Bill) Nasson (emeritus professor, Stellenbosch University)
  • Hendrien Swanepoel & Tara Cawthra (proofreaders)
  • Arc South Africa (design and typesetting)
  • Bruce Sutherland (photographer)
  • Anna du Plessis (account director)

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