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Careers in the City of Cape Town

Posted on Oct 28, 2019 by in Publication Design |

Agency: Arc SA
Creative Director: Kathryn McKay
Copywriter: Tara Cawthra

The City of Cape Town is a world class employer, with over 27 000 staff members who work in a wide range of disciplines. The City is committed to retaining, growing and attracting talent, developing a fair work environment that allows for recognition and reward, and creating a better workplace for all employees.

We created this publication to offer insight into the City’s careers and possible study opportunities. It aims to draw attention to scarce skills, provide information on the directorates, departments and professions therein, pinpoint the qualification(s) required for certain roles, and outline how current or future students can go about getting financial assistance. The overall objective of this booklet is to inform prospective employees about the scope and demand of employment within the City.

It was created for students of varying socioeconomic and demographic profiles, but is particularly useful for grade 9 learners making career and subject choices, grade 12 learners who are applying to tertiary institutions and/or for funding assistance, current students who need financial assistance and/or experiential learning in the form of in-service training, unemployed graduates who need work exposure and experience and anyone who would like to pursue a career in the local authority environment. This booklet will be circulated at career exhibitions and will be freely available on the City’s website. While it has only been published in English thus far, we aim to translate it into other South African languages and distribute it accordingly.

With an estimated annual growth rate of 3%, the city’s population is both a positive source of diversity and a significant challenge to its effective management. By 2031 Cape Town’s population is projected to grow to at least 4,3 million from its current estimated figure of 3,7 million people. As such, more roles are being created within the City and it essential that the right people, with the right qualifications are placed in these positions. This publication represents the first step towards an engaged, skilled and competent future staff complement. By taking these steps, we ensure that the City remains a well-run, responsive government that positions Cape Town as a forward-looking, innovative, globally competitive business city working towards improving all residents’ quality of life.

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