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Land art

Posted on Oct 8, 2009 by in Uncategorized |

Okay so this is a little number out of the archives of 2006 which is way back when when I was but a wee first year. This was a project that we had with the famed Elizabeth Gunter and I really enjoyed it. This was just after a very intense summer time and the farm where I grew up was very very dry. This is a bad thing in several ways, but a good thing for my project, because we had to somehow use line in our photographs.

Well, these “lines” are what is left of a little dam after a hot summer in the Overberg. There is a South African artist who is very well known for his land art. I you have not seen Strijdom van der Merwe‘s work, you must follow this link. It is amazing! I once saw a really great coffee table book with beautiful, large images of all of his work. This is on my wish list for one day when I actually start earning my very own salary! (Which is hopefully very soon…)

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