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Lino Cuts

Posted on Oct 11, 2009 by in Uncategorized |

I found these three scans in a random folder on my computer. Actually forgot that I had it… It is work that I did in third year, which is last year, 2008. It was one of the first projects of our year and we were lectured by the wonderful Karlien de Villiers. The brief for this project was to create lino cuts around the theme of vices, either personal or metaphoric or whatever. Well, I came up with these three final designs. The first vice is loudness ( or speaking before thinking), the second is an illustration of an Afrikaans idiom which states something about a person collecting too much possessions and money i.e a money wolf. The third is rather sad, but I have personal experience with animal abuse coming from a farm. This is more of an addiction and abuse of power than a vice, but I guess it’s all linked.
We were allowed to retouch the images after printing them with the lino cuts. My edits are very visible in these scans, but not as much in the original actual art works. I had the original prints, before edits and everything, framed for my brother and his wife. Their birthdays are very close together so I thought it would be a nice gift to have it framed after they had expressed interest (yay!). If I remember, I will take a picture of the finished, framed art works when they are mounted on the wall and everything and post that here as well.
For more on lino cuts and a neat little tutorial, go here.

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