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My self as centerfold

Posted on May 19, 2009 by in Uncategorized | 3 comments

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So this is my self as a centerfold. This image is taken very much with my tongue in my cheek. Centerfolds are used to put someone on a pedestal. It always depicts some kind of hero of some sort. So the hero I am depicting here is a dominee from the 1970’s who is famous for the amount of moffies he has converted to the normal heterosexual state. haha! But actually this is a very serious matter. Google corrective therapy from homosexuals and you’ll find that people are actually serious about this. Young boys and girls get sent to institutes under the care of doctors and religious maniacs in the hope that vigorous therapy to the crazy extent will cure them of this horrible disease. What is left unspoken by these so called experts are the amount of young, unstable, emotional individuals who exit from these programs who then commit suicide. Research has shown that this type of supposed therapy is more destructive than helpful as homosexuality is, as most informed and educated people know, not an illness or a choice of some sort. So fuck them all! It’s nice to make fun of them!


  1. I love this photo – your hand on your heart – the other hand reaching out – the determination in your face – thanks for letting me use it on my blog!

  2. yeah sure you may use it! I wouldn’t mind at all. Have many others yes, but they are raw photographs without the text and little banner.

  3. May I use this photo on my blog? Do you have others?

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