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[Not] The Weakest Link

Posted on Feb 11, 2010 by in Blog |

So today I have decided to talk a bit about interesting design things I have been reading and seeing on the internets as of late. I have been doing a shite load of tutorials and also read some useful and helpful blogs on blogging and on general design. So here follows a few reviews of these awesome finds:

1. Computer Arts: This is probably the single most helpful site I have found. They have an excellent section for tutorials, especially Photoshop ones, but they also have ones for all the other Adobe suite products. The specific tuts in each category also have many different fields that are covered like typography, image retouching, special effects, various genre-specific designs for posters and realistic 3D rendering of images. The tuts themselves are easy to follow even if you only have basic knowledge. They also don’t irritate a more trained or skilled person. The results are generally visually very appealing, but of course uniqueness falls away. That’s why I would always start out by using different compositions, imagery, typography and layout, just so that you end up with something that’s still unique to you. The site also features other sections like reviews and downloads

2. Tutorial9: This site also features neat tutorials, but it’s most awesome feature is that it offers really useful freebies, resources and downloads. It also has a cool section where it informs you about blogging. It hands out helpful tips and hints on making your blog not only look more appealing, but also read more interestingly.

3. Abduzeedo: I love the inspiration section on this site, even though it features some of the stuff from the Behance network. I usually need some inspiration when designing, so I browse through all the collections of logo’s, typography and clever designs. It also features interviews with designers from the industry, which I love to read. Knowledge from experience can never be overviewed!

4. Behance: If you do not have a profile on the Behance network and you are a designer, then you better get right to it. This site features a huge and ever expanding community of designers from all creative fields. It’s free to upload your work and it’s easy to search for something specific. There is great interaction through commenting and appreciating other’s work and this really inspires and drives you to do better things with your own work, especially if you’re still new to the industry.

Okay, well, I think that’s enough for now. Do you have any sites you visit regularly? Any tips that can be useful?

Wishing everybody a great day!

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