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Photography: Jekyll and Hide

Posted on Oct 18, 2009 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments

So I found these two photographs from a project we did in 2nd year. It was quite tricky doing photography back then because we had to do everything manually – the developing and everything. Tricky business! But we learned a lot and it’s a skill that could one day turn into a very interesting hobby. Plus, the dark room in our studio is a place of much delight and produced many memories. Anyway, the brief stated that we had to use ourselves and do something around the theme of Jekyll and Hyde. The good/bad in one kinda thing, you know? Very interesting project. So I decided to do the religion thing, once again, because I have a religious background and upbringing, but I odn’t consider myself to be religious at this stage of my life. Not that I’m an Atheist. On the contrary, I believe in many things, just not in religion. So these photographs depict the Good Christian and the Bad Christian in the sense that some religious people live with the Bible under their arm, preaching, and the true devoted Christians spend time with themselves and their religion/ belief system rather than pushing their beliefs onto someone else. The two pictures are very similar in appearance, but it is the interaction of the subject with the Bible that truely makes the difference.


  1. they are meant to look creepy and a bit unsettling. and it’s the developing process that also ads that affect. good observation! i’m never gonna look at them the same way again! love you right back!

  2. these are a little creepy. remember in the movie “the others” where they find a book of the dead. that’s where my mind went when I saw these. still love you though!

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