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Random illustrations 1

Posted on Oct 8, 2009 by in Uncategorized |

So this is a drawing I actually made a long time ago but it has been one of my personal favourites. I’m not really one for pimping my own work as such, but I can’t seem to ignore this one. The first is just a plain old pencil sketch which I scanned (wow, technology!) and the other two are photoshop experiments. I love playing with colour, eventhough my practical work for my course is very morbid and bleak and colourless ( which suits my campaign, of course =D). Oh I must mention that this is an image that I found in National Geographic and it is not mine, I just drew from it. It is some Russian billionaire whose name I can’t remember, but I will obviously never forget his face as I spent hours looking at it… I love the look he has on his face with his mouth slightly open and his eyes so alive and ready to say something.

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