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Samma and iMac went up the hill to fetch a pail of Family Guy

Posted on Feb 10, 2010 by in Blog |



I really love Family Guy. I have always known this. I just never got around to actually watching it. Sure, there was the odd episode that I watched over at a friend’s place, but i never actually watched it like I have now watched Lost or Sex and the City or even Will and Grace: back to back episodes, starting at the beginning and only getting back to reality a few hours later.

This all changed when my awesome new colleagues at work shared six full seasons of this extremely funny show with me. I had a problem, however. As a baby designer, I’m still pretty broke and I don’t have a DVD player as such. I do have a TV, which isn’t yet connected to any form of broadcasting, so that doesn’t help a lot. I don’t really have a lot of free time in between work and my awesome evening classes, but two nights in the week, I’m home alone with some time to kill and no way to kill it. I love going to the movies, especially the Labia theatre around the corner, which only shows Art Nouveau films (‘coz I’m an artiste and all), but I can’t really afford to go every single week.

So I took my brand spanking new iMac computer, which I work on at work, home with me last night. Awesome idea, no? Huge screen, clear sound, very versatile, but the thing is f*cking heavy. Like really mother f*cking heavy. And I park in a very hilly area with lots of… uhmm… hills and all so I had to walk up these hills carrying this machine so I can watch Family Guy in peace in my own bed. I figured it wouldn’t be an issue, but I swear this is the kinda stuff they make soldiers do at boot camp or at their kampstaaldraad excursions. I was sweating like a circus animal!

In the end, however, it did pay off. I had a nice evening all by myself watching Family Guy and giggling at the marvelous things Stewie says. I won’t be taking my iMac home again soon though…

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