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Showmax recruitment campaign concept design

Posted on May 15, 2018 by in Art Direction |

Agency: Arc SA
Creative Director: Quinton Luck
Copywriter: Amy Bach

Showmax, a video-on-demand (VOD) subscription service was faced with some steep customer acquisition targets which it had been trying to hit through various acquisition channels, including in-mall activations.

These efforts have been declining in effectiveness. Arc was challenged with increasing the acquisition rate and hence the total size of the Showmax subscriber base.

This campaign was viewed as a proof of concept trial for Arc in terms of what we could do to aid the recruitment efforts.

Concept 1: Showmax Binge Weekend – have a binge weekend on us!
We partner with local influencers and offer them a 48-hour binge-weekend sponsored by ShowMax. We completely kit them out and set them up with amazing snacks, fun activities and the ultimate binge weekend survival kit. Think energy drinks to keep them going, snacks to satisfy the hunger cravings, a super comfy Showmax branded merchandise like onesies and super comfy pillows.
The influencers are instructed to share their experience with their online followers on major social media networks and whoever gets the biggest following and engagement over the 48 hour period wins a massive prize i.e. the ultimate home theatre entertainment system.
We equip the influencers with spot prizes to give away to their followers, like Golden Tickets with 3 month Showmax subscription coupons.
We even offer a partnerships with Virgin Active’s online trainers to binge responsibly as well as Mr Delivery to supply non-stop home delivieries of essential supplies.
Concept 2: SPOILER ALERT!!! This snailmail DM idea is quite in-your-face and tongue-in-cheek.
The envelope will be bold, red and shouty, with the tone of the letter being very funny, judgey and upfront. The idea being that this shouldn’t actually be a legit spoiler alert, that the recipient should have seen all the movies and series already and that if they don’t sign up for Showmax now, they’ll be living in a SPOILER–filled world forever…
The device for this mailpack will be an anti-SPOILER coupon, with the offer of ‘Sign up now and never deal with spoilers again. Oh yes, and also get your first two weeks free – because you obviously need it…’
The idea is supported by targeted social media ads.
We also include a field activation at traffic robots.
Concept 3: Snacks on us!

This DM mailpack concept includes a delicious movie snack for recipients in the form of microwave popcorn, as well as a device of a popcorn box, which can be easily assembled. The popcorn box will feature important Showmax info as well as fun facts and movie trivia to enhance your home viewing experience. The letter will be quite short and detail the offer of ‘Sign up now and get 2 weeks free’.
The concept can also be strengthened with a partnership with TakeALot and Mr Delivery, delivering movie snacks on demand.
Concept 4: Your golden ticket

This concept plays on the Charlie and the Chocolate factory idea. It’s a traditional mailpack, with a ‘Golden Ticket’ device.
When opening the all black envelope (which may be slightly larger than the traditional DL), the golden ticket will be revealed and the letter will go on to detail the offer and all the benefits of signing up for Showmax.

The offer is that this Golden Ticket is your key to two free weeks of amazing entertainment when you sign up with Showmax. We want to change the misleading offer of ‘a free trial, but with entering credit card details’ – so the CTA will be a straight sign up and get 2 weeks free. We can also include a competition element, where recipients could win free Showmax for a year…
The idea can also be taken into the field where promoters can hand out special golden ticket packs to people who correctly guess movie trivia on the spot.
Concept 5: Don’t miss a moment
This idea utilises a mailpack with a brochure with an imbedded screen, which plays a short clip of some of the most dramatic moments in small and big screen history – BUT… with the big reveal suddenly cut.
The rest of the pack and letter will go on to detail all the benefits of Showmax, especially being able to watch your favourite movies, or catching up on all those ‘unmissable moments’. The offer and CTA for this pack will also be ‘Sign up now and get 2 weeks free’.

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